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TC Haan

In-house exhibition in the TC Haan, July 16 - 18, 2019

Innovation Days Circlular Saw Technics


Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

we cordially invite you to our Technical Center Haan to present the new volume measuring system for AMADA circular saws. From July 16 to 18, 2019 we will present volume measurement in connection with an AMADA circular saw.

In addition to the system, we will also present ...

  • the milling machines of the PMH and THV series, ,
  • the band saws of the HA/HFA, Dynasaw and PCSAW series,
  • he large bandsaw HFA 1000 CII and
  • he new circular saw CMII 75 DG.

For an optimal preparation, we ask for a registration. "Click"
If you would like to know how to get to Haan near Düsseldorf, please click HERE.




Circular Saw AMADA CMII 75 DG


The new CMII 75 DG circular saw developed from scratch by AMADA allows even lower cycle times than before, while at the same time the surface quality and tool life have been further increased. This is made possible by the new patented Dyna Guide. The saw blade is guided even better and vibrations are effectively reduced. The surface roughness of the cutting surface can be reduced by up to 40 %. At the same time, the proven operating concept and the robust design have been retained.

Currently we present you in our Technical Center Haan

Circular saws

 Sawing area [ ❍ mm]Sawing area [ ❏ mm]Drive [kW]
CMB 75 CNC with volume measuring device    
CMII 75 DG with Bundle Loader10 - 7510 - 557,5 (optional 11)


Band saws

 Sawing Area [ ❍ mm]Sawing Area [ ❏ mm]Drive [kW]
HFA 250 W250250 x 3003,7
HA 400 W420415 x 4155,5
HFA 1000 CII1.0001.000 x 1.10011,0
DYNASAW 430 with swing roller table430430 x 43011,0
PCSAW 530 X530530 x 53015,0


Milling machines

 Workpieces [max. LxWxH mm]Milling head size [mm]Drive [kW]
THV 150150 x 150 x 52Ø 632 x 5,5
THV 460 (200)460 x 460 x 190Ø 2002 x 15,0
THV 800810 x 810 x 230Ø 2502 x 11,0
PMH 0804800 x 400 x 200Ø 20011,0


Briquetting System SCP 103 H

Sustainable business – material recovery by the chips press

The automatic chip press SCP 103 H is especially suitable for briquetting of various forms of chips, resulting from the turning, milling and Saw Cut.
In the case of cast iron chips, a reduction in volume of approx. 1:5 is possible and with long turned chips from steel, a reduction of approx. 1:50 is possible.




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